Friday, August 3, 2007

My Sister's House

Here's a photo of my Dad as a boy. He was born in 1927. I can't get over how cute he was. Such a serious little guy. I love the suit, the socks, the hair...everything.

I went down to the San Fernando Valley to visit my sister. This was a vacation from my everyday life, not a trip to go-see-do everything possible. We sat and talked, we played with my brother's boy, a sassy 6 year old. We ate at a wonderful restaurants and we walked the mall together. I had a wonderful time both being in the present and strolling through the past with her.

There's nothing that compares with visiting my sister. She has lived in the same house now for over 30 years. I feel the same comfort and sameness I used to feel at my folks' house. Nothing had changed and I would sleep in peace there, sure of my self and the world around me. My sister's house has become a refuge like that for me now...a shelter from some of the changes and losses in my life. We laugh, we eat too much, we remember with tears in our eyes. Bless her heart for being open and generous with her love and time. Those are the things that matter in life.

My sister has tons of old family photos. I took pictures of those pictures with my beloved digital camera. With lots of editing, many of my pictures now look better than the originals.

There's nothing like talking with my sister. We have nearly the same past. We remember much of the same things. We share a world view, we share the same genes. However hard the world is, at least I have my sister.