Friday, November 2, 2007

I did WHAT?

I've been thinking about the amount of time I spend watching movies and television. I've been trying to find some good-sounding reasons for spending so many of the minutes of the one life I have on Earth in front of a recording of people pretending to be people who don't exist, people I never met.

??? Shouldn't I be living my own life instead of watching people pretend to live out some other lives?? At the very least, shouldn't I be reading about these folks (whom I never met, etc.) At least there would be some imagining involved.

Is this our version of tales told around fires in caves? Are there life lessons in these movies? Should I emulate these over-paid people? Could I?

What should I be doing instead? (Yes, work, volunteer stuff....mmm hmm.) This is the question I mull over. I'm watching to relax after work. I think t.v. just hacks me up more with all its conflict, though (as if there weren't enough of this in my so-called "real" life.)

Everywhere you look and listen, people talk about the newest movies, the most popular actors. I'm ready for something new to capture the nation's attention, something uplifting and worthwhile.